Angel Reese triggers backlash from Chicago fans by using insensitive name for the city

Angel Reese at an NBA game.

Angel Reese at an NBA game.LAPRESSE

After starting strong in the preseason with the Chicago Sky, Angel Reese once again faces serious criticism, this time from Chicagoans themselves.

Despite the rookie forward stating in the past that she is human and makes mistakes like everyone else, she received a barrage of negative comments for a tweet that at first glance seems harmless.

Angel Reese called out for use of “Chi-Raq”

Some users attempted to educate the basketball player on why it’s not correct to use the term “RAQ” to refer to the city of Chicago. “Ohhh no sis.

Please don’t call it that and unintentionally glorify gun violence,” one user asserted. “You go girl. But we do not like/agree with this term. Casts a negative light on the city”, said another one.

Others considered it a blatant offense as its usage glorifies a dark period in Chicago. “We don’t claim ‘The Raq,’ we only call it ‘The Chi’. That’s out of love and respect for the city.

Only people that hate it call it ‘The Raq’ or ‘Chi-Raq’. We don’t claim that name.”

It all began in the early 2010s when Chicago native rapper King Louie coined the term “Chiraq,” an acronym of Chicago and Iraq, as a way to draw attention to the alarming increase in violence levels in the city.

The term gained more attention and sparked more controversy in 2015 during the release of director Spike Lee’s film, “Chi-Raq.”

The fictional plot addresses the issue of gun violence in the city, and it was argued that the title perpetuated negative stereotypes of Chicago by comparing it to war zones like Iraq.

Reese has not stated any further comments on the matter, but the inadvertent use of the term “The Raq” sparked debate among Chicagoans, highlighting the sensitivity surrounding the portrayal of the city and its struggles with violence. While some saw it as a harmless mistake, others viewed it as a disrespectful and insensitive.

As people navigate this discourse, it underscores the need for sensitivity and awareness in discussing complex issues facing urban communities like Chicago.

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