Angry Angel Reese Goes Scorched Earth On “Weird” Fans For Their Treatment Of WNBA Players

Angel Reese gesturingAngel Reese (Photo by Melissa Tamez/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Angel Reese has only just arrived in the WNBA, but she’s already taken a stand, coming to the defense of her former pros on social media.

Reese, drafted No. 7 overall by the Chicago Sky last month, was one of the more outspoken female players in college and has shown no signs of slowing down now that she’s in the WNBA.

A video of Dallas Wings players Kalani Brown and Teaira  McCowan posing for photos on media day surfaced on Twitter/X on Thursday, and one fan tried clowning them, stating, “They’re letting trans [athletes] in the WNBA.”

X’s Community Notes quickly checked the user with the following:

“These are both BIOLOGICAL  black women #21 being kalani brown and #15 being Teaira McCowan. False rumors about black women are extremely damaging.”

Reese also stepped up to defend the players, calling fans out for being “weird” and “insecure” as she pointed out that black women can be both “tall” and “fine.”

Outfit“yall never seen black tall women that are FINE??? yall so weird & insecure and it SHOWS,” she wrote.

Fans Side With Angel Reese After She Goes Scorched Earth

Angel Reese’s response went viral.

“I love that the game is growing but we definitely do not want these kinds of people in our space!” one fan wrote in the comments. “Thank you for standing up for Tea and Lani!”

“They are mad because of the growth happening. It’s nice to see these ppl uncomfortable. 

It means the WNBA may have a shot now,” wrote another.

Check out some more reactions here:

It’s been a pretty good period for the WNBA. The league just welcomed two of the most popular players in the country in Reese and Caitlin Clark, which should mean more eyes.

They’ve also recently made charter flights a thing. Brown was one of the players who reacted on social media.

“No more ‘how tall are you? in the airport..,” she wrote. “No more ‘Gosh I know you play ball..’ No more shoulder to shoulder invasion of space.. I could cry.”

The WNBA could be heading toward its best-ever season.

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