Antonio Brown Is Getting Destroyed On Social Media For His Disgusting Caitlin Clark Joke

Caitlin Clark in uniform. Antonio Brown in Bucs uniform.Caitlin Clark and Antonio Brown (Photos via Getty Images)

Antonio Brown, the controversial former NFL star, has continued his trolling of Caitlin Clark.

Brown has previously been taking multiple shots at Clark in a series of posts on his X page, but her Indiana Fever performance appears to have turned him around. “Respect,” Brown wrote on X on May 3 after her preseason debut.

This week, the controversial former NFL player took his trolling of Caitlin Clark to another level while using a picture from the Met Gala.

“Nicole brought Caitlin as her +1 to the Met Gala,” Brown wrote as he posted a picture of Nicole Kidman in a white dress with a black bush coming out while she posed at the Met Gala.

Many fans have taken to his X account and blasted him for his constant trolling of Clark:

Although Caitlin Clark, a rookie in the WNBA, has always attracted a lot of attention, there has been an unusual dynamic between her and former NFL great Antonio Brown.

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She blocked him in retaliation for Brown harassing her on X and making derogatory remarks about her, which reportedly caused tension.

Clark is fresh off finishing with 21 points with 21 points, three rebounds, two assists, and two steals in her preseason debut, via

Caitlin Clark Forced To Block Antonio Brown Over Constant Trolling

Caitlin Clark (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Caitlin Clark blocked Antonio Brown on social media after he made multiple offensive posts about her.

The former NFL star took to X to reveal this news while sharing the screenshot of her X profile, which indicated that she’d blocked him.

He still went on to mock her, writing: “Cracker of the Day, blocked by Cousin It,” referring to a character in The Addams Family movies and TV series.

The block came as a direct result of his making several inappropriate remarks about Clark, who has made headlines throughout the NCAA season and was just drafted by Indiana Fever in the WNBA.

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