Bronny James Revisits His “Cool” Fanboy Moment With Stephen Curry

LeBron James' son revisits Stephen Curry memoryBronny James, LeBron James and Stephen Curry (Image Source: Getty Images)

It has been a big few weeks for LeBron James, who is grabbing the headlines despite his early playoff exit.

After the disappointing end to the season with the Lakers, LeBron raised a massive question mark over his future with the Western team by refusing to comment on it.

Since then, the rumor mills have gone wild. Meanwhile, his son, Bronny James, is experiencing the same spotlight.

Bronny is due for the 2024 NBA Draft, and ahead of the life-altering night in June, James Jr. has raised his stock with his impressive showings in the Chicago combine.

The USC guard impressed a lot of scouts and front office members with his shooting skills, and his affinity for this particular skill could be attributed to his fondness for Stephen Curry.

In a recent Q&A session with Bleacher Report, Bronny recalled one of his memories of the Warriors ace

“I think when I seen Steph playing at Crypto,

Bronny said, “a minute ago and came up to me and dapped me up. I feel like that was really cool.”

Bronny’s appreciation for Curry is no secret, and having one of the league’s most iconic faces as an idol is never a bad start for any aspiring basketball player.

But everything was fine till his fanboyism was in the realm of appreciation cause calling someone else your dad is one of the strangest things one can imagine.

LeBron James’ Son Once Called Steph His Dad

A few years back, in a live Instagram session, Bronny James joked about the identity of his father. To answer one of the viewers’ questions, LeBron’s son said, “Who’s my dad? Stephen Curry,” which also brought a hilarious reaction from his 39-year-old father.

The duo’s last televised meeting was during last season’s game between the Lakers and the Warriors at the Arena, when Curry embraced Bronny and shared some words of encouragement.

The 36-year-old was also seen reacting to LeBron James Jr.’s on-court action, and it is safe to say that their fondness is mutual.

With the NBA Draft just a month away and the Lakers planning to bring Bronny in, LeBron might fulfill his wish of playing alongside his son. But in a perfect world, Bronny James might want to play alongside his “dad, Stephen Curry.

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