Caitlin Clark breaks protocol at her ESPN documentary premiere and the cameras could not look away

She made an unexpected move on the red carpet

Caitlin Clark was in attendance for the premiere of Full Court Press

Caitlin Clark was in attendance for the premiere of Full Court PressAP

All the cameras were poised to capture more history at the premiere of “Full Court Press,” as the star of the ESPN+ documentary, Caitlin Clark, walked down the red carpet.

Out of nowhere, she delayed the procession by breaking protocol, and the cameras ended up filming a much different story than intended.

Clark is a rule-breaker

Caitlin Clark always makes time for her fans.

she ducked under the rope of the red carpet at the Full Court Press premiere screening to sign autographs

Of course, Clark is no stranger to breaking the rules. More often, it comes across as breaking records, such as the most viewers for a women’s college basketball game or the most points in NCAA history.

But she also walked the line in other ways during her time in Iowa, as captured in the documentary. Her competitive nature fueled spats with teammates, referees and even her family during NCAA Tournament games in 2024.

In this case, Clark’s rule breaking was for the fulfillment of her loyal fans.

The 22-year-old ducked under the velvet rope, escaping the red carpet to go sign autographs for a group of young girls wearing her jersey.

It resulted in a full circle moment that captured the type of impact that Full Court Press hoped to preserve on film about how the Caitlin Clark Effect has swept across the country.

What is Full Court Press about and when does it come out?

The docuseries also followed NCAA hoops stars Kiki Rice of UCLA and Kamilla Cardoso of the 2024 National Champion South Carolina Gamecocks.

Notably, Angel Reese was not chosen as a figurehead for the show, despite her huge influence and rivalries with both Clark and Cardoso while she was at LSU.
It goes live on ESPN+ on May 11 and 12, just before the start of the 2024 WNBA regular season.

No matter what gets put on film, Clark’s benign breaking of the rules reaffirmed that her fans will always be a central part of her story.

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