“Caitlin Clark will be a target” – NBA expert offers bold words for Clark’s highly anticipated WNBA debut

Caitlin Clark, NBA Debut, Indiana FeverCaitlin Clark, WNBA Debut, Indiana Fever (Image source Getty Images)
During a recent episode of “Get Up” on ESPN, Timothy Legler, an NBA analyst for ESPN, praised Caitlin Clark, a sensational player in the WNBA. He mentioned that Clark is one of the most entertaining basketball players he has ever watched and also said she will make a massive impact on her team.

“I think [Caitlin Clark] is one of the most entertaining basketball players I’ve ever watched. Here’s what I think the expectations are going to be. They are unrealistic initially, but I do think that her play-making immediately is going to have a massive impact on her team. They have already picked up on that. They understand now. They make you run the floor a little harder and cut a little harder because she is going to see things and know you are open before you do.” Timothy Legler said.

Caitlin Clark will be the focus of the opposing team, as per Legler

Legler mentioned that Clark had been able to control the floor and deliver the ball since childhood.

He also added that her scoring may be inconsistent at first because the defenders she will play against are bigger, stronger, and faster than her.

Due to her skills, she will be a target, and the opposing team will try to push her physically.

“That is Innate within her, her ability to trap the floor and deliver the ball.

Her scoring, I think, is going to be very inconsistent initially. She is going to get Fever flat-out double teams, the top side denying her the ball.

There were teams she saw in college that basically turned it into a box and one. Clark is not going to get that, But the defenders she is going against are going to be bigger, stronger, faster, and also, they see that graphic you just put up, listening to her third favorite to be the MVP of the league. She is going to be a target in how they come at her physically.” Timothy Legler added.

The Indiana Fever will face the Connecticut Sun in their season opener today at 7:30 p.m. EST. Caitlin Clark, the first overall draft pick, will make her debut in the WNBA for the Indiana team against the Connecticut team.

After an incredible collegiate career that saw her break attendance and broadcast viewing records, she is now prepared to make her professional debut.

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