Did LeBron James REALLY Say D’Angelo Russell ‘Had A– In His Veins’? Exploring Viral Claim

LeBron James is known for being an ideal teammate and that’s why people were surprised when the news of him criticizing D’Angelo Russell started floating on social media. But is it true?


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Lebron James and D’Angelo Russell

LeBron James tried his best but couldn’t get the Lakers over the line against the Denver Nuggets as he didn’t get any support from his teammates.

After the game, a post started floating on social media that he criticized the performance of D’Angelo Russell.

Meanwhile, LeBron James can be called the Lakers savior this season amid an injury crisis that has led to the player’s inconsistent form.

LeBron James and D'Angelo Russell

Did LeBron James Make a Statement About D’Angelo Russell?

LeBron James is one of the most outspoken players in the NBA but fans were surprised when a post in which he criticized his Lakers teammate started to make rounds on the internet.

The news was posted on X by @thenbacentel and they quoted @jovanbuha which is a legit handle of a journalist on X.

However, it just turned out to be a fake post. For those who enjoy a good laugh, @thenbacentel posts outrageous posts to catch the eye of the fans.

Therefore, LeBron has never said anything about D’Angelo having his ‘ass in his veins’.



What’s Next For LeBron And Lakers After Losing Game One?

LeBron James had a decent game against the Nuggets, but all of his good work came in the first half of the game.

The King couldn’t have the same impact in the second half and the Lakers looked lost and got crushed.

The second game of the series is on Monday and Lakers fans will be hoping that James gets ample support from the likes of Anthony Davis, Rui Hachimura, and D’Angelo Russell.

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