“F**king Up Your TV Dollars!”: Caitlin Clark Drawing Hatred from WNBA Stars Leads to Former NBA Player Explaining Flaw

“F**king Up Your TV Dollars!”: Caitlin Clark Drawing Hatred from WNBA Stars Leads to Former NBA Player Explaining Flaw

Caitlin Clark concluded arguably the most successful NCAA campaign at an individual level.

Even though her championship dream remains unfulfilled, nobody can deny that she has elevated the game and has brought the world’s attention to women’s college basketball.

Notably, towards the end of her campaign, there was a lot of noise being made against her. On a recent episode of Club 520 Podcast, former NBA star Jeff Teague thrashed all the naysayers.

Teague claimed that all the hate lately to Clark is out of his understanding. In his opinion, different generations of female basketball players should come together to applaud the Iowa star for what she has done in and for the sport.

He expressed his concern regarding the next major step that Clark is about to take in her career by going to the WNBA.

Teague’s co-host Bishop said, “This is bad for their income, you’re f**king up your TV dollars, all kinds of sh*t.” The former NBA star agreed with his take and said,

“Yeah, y’all are hating ’cause she got deals…like they make me not wanna watch.”

According to Teague, the WNBA can benefit a lot by bringing in Clark because she has an extremely likeable personality, and she can play the game at a very high level.

But instead of looking to bank on that opportunity, they are trying to belittle the massive impact that she has made on the game at the college level.

Caitlin Clark is projected to be the number one draft pick

It’s not a secret anymore that the Iowa star is entering the WNBA. The Indiana Fever owns the first pick and according to multiple mock drafts, they are going for the biggest star to come out of this year’s NCAA tournament.

It is not just the first pick that is the exciting part, but the WNBA is really looking to elevate the game-watching experience for the WNBA fans and they are also looking to bring in more money for the league.

Currently, the WNBA earns around $60 million from TV and streaming deals annually, but now with unprecedented hype around the league, commissioner Cathy Engelbert announced that the price is going up.

She said that the league has been undervalued for a very long time and after a successful last season and a major upcoming season, it is time they finally receive their dues.


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