“Go to School, What Are You Doing Man?”: Canadian Streamer xQc Embarrasses Bronny James During MW3 Stream

Bronny James get embarrassed by xQcxQc and Bronny James (Image Source: Getty Images)

Thanks to LeBron James’ fame, Bronny James gets his fair share of limelight despite making it into the NBA.

While most hoop enthusiasts know who he exactly is, not everyone can be as versed in all facets of life. Canadian streamer xQc can be categorized in this section.

During a recent stream, xQc left Bronny in a spot of bother when he asked, “Do you have a job, go to school, what are you doing, man?” James Jr. calmly replied that he plays basketball.

When asked if he would be drafted this year or not, Bronny didn’t spill any beans and just replied, “I don’t know yet.”

While some players, usually the top draft prospects, get to know where they are getting drafted beforehand, Bronny probably won’t have that knowledge.

But given that he is the son of a living legend who aspires to make a dream duo with his son on the court, Bronny’s chances of getting firsthand information regarding his draft are quite high.

While the 2024 NBA Draft is still a month away, Bronny James took some time off to show off his sharpshooting skills in the world of Call of Duty.

xQc and Co. Doubt Bronny James Over Alleged Stream Sniping

xQc and Bronny were not the only ones joining the stream. Other notable streamers like Nadeshot, Trainwreckstv and StableRonaldo were also present to take on the team of Bronny James and Kick streamer, YourRAGE.

In a match, xQc’s team was decimated by the USC guard’s team and lost 6-2. Getting suspicious of their activities, one of Bronny’s opponents doubted that the 19-year-old’s team was stream-snipping and said, “Yo guys, hide your screen, hide your screen, hide your screen.”

The assumption could’ve been correct as Bronny’s team was handed the L in the next match despite showing early dominance.

Safe to say, if Bronny can take his shooting skills to his basketball game, he might just live up to the hype surrounding him due to his surname, which carries a major weight.

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