Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob said he wants Steph Curry to follow Tom Brady’s diet, but that means Curry will have to cut out “some of his wife’s signature things.”

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Golden State Warriors’ team owner Joe Lacob said he encourages Steph Curry to follow Tom Brady’s diet and lifestyle, but that would mean Curry would have to give up his wife’s signature pasta dishes.

Brady outlined his eating regimen in his 2017 book “The T12 Method,” which details his strict diet that rules out foods that contain gluten, dairy, and tomatoes, including pasta.

Lacob said he believes if other players followed Brady’s lifestyle, it could help them extend their longevity in their respective sports.

“I tell Steph all the time, ‘Do whatever he does. Whatever he does, you do.’ I told him that,” Lacob told Yahoo Sports when asked about a comment Curry made to NBC Sports in August about reaching out to Brady about diet advice to emulate his career longevity.

“But who knows? The world is changing a lot and maybe I’m just being my usual optimist self.

But I feel like Steph can play at a high level, and maybe Klay, too, for longer than most people would have done in the past,” he said, referencing Curry’s fellow teammate, Klay Thompson.

Curry dropped a game-leading 50 points in the NBA All-Star game on Sunday and has led the Warriors to championship contention in the first half of the season.

Curry, who has already won three NBA Finals with Golden State, said he wants to replicate Tom Brady’s career success, according to NBC Sports.

At 33 years old, Curry would have to play 11 more NBA seasons and win four more championships to match Brady, who played until he was 44 and won seven Super Bowl titles until his retirement on February 1.

But if Curry did start following Brady’s diet, the NBA star would have to stop eating some of his favorite pasta dishes made by his wife, celebrity chef Ayesha Curry.

One of Steph Curry’s favorite foods is pasta, his wife previously said, but Tom Brady swore off pasta completely

Ayesha Curry, who’s been married to Steph Curry since 2011, told Page Six in 2016 that her husband eats her pasta before every game. At the beginning of this season, she told Mashed that Steph’s favorite food is her “Rasta Pasta.”

According to her recipe, “Rasta Pasta” contains multiple ingredients that Brady said he wouldn’t eat during his career, including gluten, processed carbs, dairy, soy, trans fats, and tomatoes, according to a blog post on the TB12 website.

Additionally, Brady didn’t eat corn, coffee, MSG, alcohol, GMOs, or any nightshade fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, strawberries, and eggplants, according to the TB12 website.

Brady didn’t eat pasta in any capacity during his career, per TB12, and the only carbs he consumed were from unprocessed plant-based sources like rice, quinoa, legumes, and non-nightshade fruit.

While Brady followed the diet and was able to play in the NFL well into his 40s, experts don’t recommend overly restrictive diets because they usually aren’t sustainable over time, Insider’s Rachel Hosie and Gabby Landsverk previously reported.

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