Hailey Van Lith Offers Her Blunt Opinion On Haley Cavinder’s Decision To Decommit From TCU

Photo of Hailey Van Lith in LSU uniform and photo of Haley Cavinder in Miami uniformHailey Van Lith and Haley Cavinder (Photos via Getty Images)

Hailey Van Lith has offered a blunt assessment of Haley Cavinder’s decision to leave TCU after initially committing to the program.

Last week, it appeared that the Horned Frogs would boast a Hailey-Haley tandem in 2024, as the Cavinder twin had already committed while the former LSU guard was reported to have signed.

That’s no longer the case, as Cavinder has since decided to rejoin the University of Miami, where her sister Hanna has decided to play.

The twins previously starred for the Hurricanes and have chosen to play out their last year with the program.

Meanwhile, Van Lith has revealed that she never actually committed to TCU.

I did take a visit to TCU and am very interested in them, but I took visits to other schools and was very interested in them, too,” she told the Associated Press.

I haven’t made an official commitment, but I’m very close. The ink has not touched the paper for any school.

Hailey Van Lith Would Have Loved To Play With Haley Cavinder But Says her Decision is Not A Factor

Hailey Van Lith has also claimed that Haley Cavinder’s opting to leave the program will not affect her decision regarding the Horned Frogs.

It’s a non-factor for me,” she said. “If she had stayed and I did go to TCU, I’d have loved to play with her.

Given her latest revelation, it will be interesting to see where Van Lith ends up, though TCU is still favored to land her.

The guard, who has one year of eligibility left, will play for a third school next season after beginning her career with Louisville before moving to LSU for one season.

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