“He’s Coming” At just 16 years old, Oscar Wembanyama is already panicking the US and the mock drafts!

The two Wembanyama brothers, Oscar (left) and Victor (right), potentially destined to end up in the NBA

While Victor Wembanyama is causing havoc in his first year in the NBA, his brothers and sisters are also making waves on the basketball world. 

This is particularly the case of Oscar, 16 years old, whose name is also starting to resonate across the Atlantic.

Clearly, the genes of the Wembanyama family have nothing to do with those of ordinary mortals.

Such a statement could be defended by taking into account only the case of Victor, who turns out to be one of the biggest sensations of recent years in the NBA.

However, his little sister, Eve, also performs wonders on the floors , just like the youngest of the siblings, Oscar.

Oscar and Victor Wembanyama soon reunited in the NBA?

A member of the ASVEL youth teams, Oscar Wembanyama made his debut in the Espoirs championship a few weeks ago.

However, he did not wait for this event to make people talk about him through his performances.

A year ago, American observers were already enthusiastic about his basketball skills. From now on, it is even as a future first-round pick that he is mentioned in the US:

Oscar Wembanyama is projected as the 24th pick in NBA Draft Room’s 2027 mock draft. It would be cool to see the Spurs select him and the two brothers playing together.

Unsurprisingly, the United States is already dreaming of a reunion of Victor and his little brother in the ranks of the Spurs. According to them, this could only contribute to the success of the franchise:

If the Spurs get him, their defense will look like this:

At least he would pass the ball to his brother since the rest of the team doesn’t seem to want to…

Clearly, talent runs in the veins of the Wembanyama family!

 The young Oscar is already mentioned in the NBA, and still has three years to prove to the league’s scouts that he deserves to be selected as high as his older brother.

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