It seemed like a rosy prospect for Wembanyama, One that pleased Adam Silver but after he said that shocking last sentence….

NBA Adam Silver et Victor Wembanyama
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Victor Wembanyama is already very clear about the future of his career: he wants to stay at Spurs and do everything to be successful there.

A vision that seems to please Adam Silver when we see his last statement.

Rookie or not, Victor Wembanyama has great ambitions for the rest of his career.

He will have to settle for rookie of the year for the moment, but quickly count on him to win the DPOY, ahead of Rudy Gobert.

He is already a serious contender with his 3.6 blocks average, but the Wolves player seems to have a head start at this stage.

Regardless, Wemby knows that this trophy will belong to him one day or another when we see his defensive prowess.

But the most important thing is obviously winning the championship.

The Spurs are far, very far from it, especially when we know that the franchise still wants to delay a little .

Wemby will have to be patient in Texas, but don’t count on him to make any threats of a departure.

Adam Silver welcomes Wembanyama and his situation at Spurs

Despite the fact that San Antonio is far from winning a title, Wembanyama intends to stay and bring the franchise back to the top, no matter how long it takes.

An idea that appeals to Adam Silver, since he is pleased to see a “small market” return among the title contenders.

This is what the commissioner explains in a recent interview.

Adam Silver : “When Victor Wembanyama goes to San Antonio, we don’t hear people say, ‘It’s a small market, it won’t have that kind of exposure.’ It’s no different than Giannis in Milwaukee. That’s what I like about a league with 30 teams. Players and teams should be judged based on their quality and success on the court. »

Giannis brought a title to the Bucks, and there is no doubt that Victor hopes to do the same thing to the Spurs.

But like its counterpart, you will have to be patient, even if it means waiting several years before having a quality squad capable of responding in the playoffs.

Adam Silver in any case seems impatient to see this progression.

Adam Silver is happy to see Victor Wembanyama at Spurs. Small market or not, San Antonio seems to be the perfect place for the Frenchman, as we can see with his rookie season.

The rest looks very promising for the franchise… and the NBA.

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