“It’s di:sg:usting, the referee is a joke”: Mavericks’ dangerous foul on Stephen Curry Sparks Fury Among Warriors Fans

Stephen Curry was fouled blatantly but the refs had something else in mind and allowed the play to continue. This decision has sparked fury among the Warriors fans.


Steph Curry has been on the receiving end of many no-calls in his NBA career but not as brutal as the one against the Mavericks on Tuesday night.

The four-time NBA champion was visibly upset with the call made by the referee and couldn’t believe it.

Steph Curry

What happened with Steph Curry?

The incident took place in the first quarter when Curry made a drive through the Mavericks defense.

The Warriors superstar was bumped by Exum first and then Gafford just jumped over him when he tried to make a layup, but the referee ignored both fouls.

Curry could be heard shouting in agony after he was bumped by two big men from the Mavericks and even the Warriors bench didn’t look happy after Curry ended up on the floor while the game continued.

How did the fans react?

Curry and the Warriors had the last laugh

Even though Curry wasn’t at his very best, the Warriors’ defense showed up big time as they helped the Warriors to their fifth straight win.
The game was a closely contested one, but the Warriors held their nerves to come out on top with a score of 104-100.

Curry could score only 13 points as he had a very rough shooting night from the field.

He could just score 5 out of his 18 shots with a 27.8% success.

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