Kevin Durant whispered something in Stephen Curry’s ear, but all he got back was sadness: Former teammates caught Kevin Durant’s moment.. (VIDEO)

What Did Kevin Durant Whisper in Stephen Curry’s Ear? Ex-Teammates Caught in the Moment

The Golden State Warriors had to admit defeat to the Suns in a 116-119 loss.

The Suns were without their third arm, Kevin Durant, due to an ankle injury.

But that did not stop Devin Booker from taking Phoenix to the end.

With Bradley Beal also looking to stay healthy and on the floor for as long as possible, having KD would have finally completed the Big 3.

While the Suns and Warriors were facing off against each other, two close friends shared a moment during the game.

Stephen Curry and Durant have a special bond between them, having won 2 championships together.

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant share a rare moment

The Suns’ social media admin caught a teaser of a moment between them tonight.

It was for a few fleeting seconds, but it looks like KD said something to Curry before the latter rushed back to the game.

This wouldn’t even have been noticed if it weren’t for the sharp eyes of the admin. He/she should get an early paycheck for this special treat!

The two created a bond during the three years the ‘Slim Reaper’ spent with the Warriors.

While many still criticize them for not making use of the vast talent they had, Curry believes their accomplishments were spectacular.

Curry-Durant led Dubs had three finals appearances, and won two of them.

Players moving to different teams when everything works in their favor is a common occurrence anywhere.

Be it the field of sports or a corporate organization. So, when KD entered free agency, he decided to try his hand with the Brooklyn Nets.

While it was a loss to the team, Curry and Durant had started a beautiful friendship that they continue to this day.

“The most misunderstood dude”: Steph on KD

The three years that Curry and Durant played together were more than enough for Steph to understand KD than anyone ever did.

He has always stuck by his opinion on the co-champion of the Warriors. Back in 2022, Stephen Curry reportedly said that getting to know who Durant is as a person has opened his eyes to the man behind the player.

He further clarified that KD might have had to deal with certain circumstances that have “hurt” his ability to trust people around him.

Clearly, the Warriors’ superstar has earned Durant’s trust, making it into his inner sanctum.

More recently, Curry reiterated their solid connection and the fact that there’s a lot to Kevin Durant than on the surface.

Steph’s documentary, Stephen Curry: Underrated, had a clip when Durant made a surprise appearance at his celebratory dinner for breaking the NBA three-point record

. Ecstatic that the 2x Finals MVP, 13x All-Star, and the 4x NBA scoring champion took time to congratulate him in person, Curry was heard saying to the reporters, “I love that dude, man. The most misunderstood dude in this freaking league right there.”

There is no doubt that the relationship the two share is one of those rare types of flora or even a new breed in itself.

We wish that nothing comes in between this priceless friendship!

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