Klay Thompson shocked teammate Stephen Curry Before the late breakthrough, Curry handed this championship belt to Klay Thompson with both hands

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In an unexpected turn of events, Golden State Warriors’ Klay Thompson emerged as the NBA’s free-throw percentage leader for the 2023-24 season, surpassing his teammate and fellow star, Stephen Curry. The revelation came as a surprise to Curry, who had been leading in the category throughout the season.

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Heading into the final game, Curry seemed poised to secure his fifth league-leading spot in free-throw percentage.

However, Thompson’s impeccable performance in the crucial game, where he made all five free throws, propelled him to the top spot with a total of 127 successful shots from the line.

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Curry, taken aback by Thompson’s late surge, jokingly questioned the eligibility rules in a post-game interview, expressing his astonishment at the turn of events.

Despite the friendly rivalry, Curry admitted to being unaware of Thompson’s ineligibility until the final game.

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Stephen Curry unintentionally gave the free-throw championship to Klay Thompson

When asked if he found solace in knowing that at least the award stayed within the team, Curry’s response was unequivocal.

He stated, “No, I hate losing. Absolutely not,” eliciting laughter from the press-conference attendees.

Thompson’s composure under pressure was evident as he nailed crucial free throws without realizing their significance in the race for the title.

According to Curry, Thompson was pleasantly surprised to learn about the annual award for the free-throw percentage leader, unaware of its existence beforehand.

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In the end, Thompson’s inadvertent achievement added another accolade to his illustrious career, showcasing his ability to shine in clutch moments.

As fans reflect on this surprising twist, it serves as a testament to Thompson’s skill and dedication on the court.

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