Knicks’ ‘Steph Curry’ Had Stephen A. Smith Go Wild on National TV, Months After Warriors Star’s Secret Assist

Donte DiVincenzo has been a great addition to the New York Knicks as he continues to prove his mettle during his first year with the team in the playoffs.

However, the results that the Knicks are bearing this year have a little contribution from the Warriors’ point guard Stephen Curry. DiVincenzo was a part of the Golden State Warriors for the 2022-23 season.

The Knicks guard respects Steph even after exiting from the Bay area, and that’s why his learnings from Curry are reflected in his game.

Recently, when DiVincenzo blasted the Pacer’s defense with his 35-point streak, ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith could do nothing but praise Knicks’ ‘Stephen Curry.’

While appearing on the preview of the Knicks Game 4 on the NBA Countdown, Stephen A. Smith was left in awe of Donte DiVincenzo’s performance in Game 3 as he commented, “Donte DiVincenzo looking out there like Steph Curry.

I saw Steph Curry’s old teammate.” The reason why Stephen pulled off the Steph Curry comparison was because of ball handling from the Knicks guard that let him score against the Pacers’ defense.

Smith even acknowledged that Donte was looking a little bit like Curry in the last game.

The last game that the Knicks played was almost a destined-to-lose game. Yet without OG Anunoby and Jalen Brunson’s sore foot, DiVincezo’s team gave a nail-biter match to the Indiana Pacers.

However, with just 18 seconds remaining at the end of the fourth quarter, Pacers’ Andrew Nembhard scored a stepback 3 and clinched away an important lead in the final minutes of the game.

Steph Curry was behind Donte DiVincenzo Signing the New York Knicks!

During his interview with the Athletic‘s Fred Katz and Anthony Slater in February this year, Donte revealed how Steph had a part in one of the biggest decisions of his life.

Though the Knicks guard was first interested in the Minnesota Timberwolves during his free agency period in 2023, New York was always on his mind.

In addition to that, Steph himself suggested DiVincezo join the Knicks, which the latter did, and delivered some career-high performances with his Villanova alumnus Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart.

USA Today via Reuters

After entering into the Knicks, DiVincenzo did not look back and averaged an exceptional 13.9 PPG this year. However, he did not take credit for his success all by himself.

In his exclusive interview, the Knicks guard admitted that Steph was the one who improved his shooting during his limited tenure with the Warriors’ superstar in the Bay area.

With exceptional prowess on the defensive end, DiVincenzo’s three-point shooting is always a bonus for The Knicks, considering Jalen Brunson’s explosive play.

Though the team is going through injuries right now, it will be worth watching how the offense is going to put up with the Pacers through all the four quarters.

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