Kobe Bryant’s Former Teammate Believes Lebron James Deserves LaVar Ball Treatment for ‘Asinine’ Statement About Son Bronny

Kobe Bryant’s Former Teammate Believes Lebron James Deserves Lavar Ball Treatment for ‘Asinine’ Statement About Son Bronny

Kwame Brown doesn’t seem to be a fan of Bronny James declaring for the 2024 NBA Draft.

In the view of Kobe Bryant’s former teammate, LeBron James is unnecessarily putting a lot of pressure on his son, highlighting that Bronny’s decision to enter the draft field is influenced by his father.

In that regard, he likened LBJ’s insistence to LaVar Ball who pushed his sons in the mainstream consciousness ever since they were in high school.

Brown took to his channel ‘Kwame Brown Bust Life’ and blasted the Lakers superstar.

He called out LBJ for saying that his son is “better” than some NBA players.

While LaVar made a similar claim back in the day, he was being called “delusional”, as per Brown.

However, the 2001 #1 pick wasn’t pleased that the media has different standards for the all-time NBA leading scorer.

If that was LaVar Ball, they would have said you’re delusional, you shouldn’t put that much pressure on your son but because it’s LeBron James, he can say something as asinine as Bronny James is better than some players on the Lakers and some players in the league,” Kwame Brown lamented.

Therefore, the former Michael Jordan teammate doesn’t appreciate the mainstream media not holding James accountable for his statements.

For him, if it was anyone else, the media would not have spared the athlete. At any rate, the former Lakers Center doesn’t feel that Bronny James is NBA-ready yet.

Averaging 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.1 assists in his college career of 25 games, the guard will surely not be a hot prospect in the coming off-season.

Given the Lakers’ conditional first-round pick in the 2024 draft, chances are slim that the son would play with his father.

Surely, junior James is all set to explore his options with the next NBA draft.

Bronny James is weighing his options

Just because Bronny James has declared for the NBA draft, it doesn’t imply that it is the only path for him moving forward.

He can add another year in college with USC or change the scenery considering he has entered the transfer portal.

In this regard, former Showtime guard Byron Scott labeled the move as being the “best of both worlds”.

For Scott, the NBA aspirant should stay one more year in college. At the same time, he cast the light on the pressure the 19-year-old is under being the son of one of the best NBA players ever.

To have a dad that’s one of the greatest to have ever played and you have to follow in his footsteps, you have to hear all the naysayers, you have to hear all the noise on if you’re going to be even close to him or being able to be mentioned in the same breath as your dad.

It’s gotta be a lot of pressure… He’s handed it extremely well,” Scott told TMZ.

At any rate, this is going to be a tricky offseason for the USC guard.

He didn’t turn heads during his first year in college.

It was expected because he was coming off a cardiac surgery and it was astounding that he opted to play in the first place.

Whatever route the young hooper takes, he has touched many hearts through his commitment to the sport.

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