Lakers News: JJ Redick Advised To Find Hope In Steph Curry’s Favorite Person As Jeanie Buss Interest Grows

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Even after an NBA player retires, he can continue to serve by leading the next generation of players to a championship ring. The vets can add a new chapter to their legacy whilst following the same passion that brought them to the league. After the Los Angeles Lakers dismissed Darvin Ham, ex-Orlando Magic star JJ Redick may end up receiving an opportunity within this horizon. However, with zero coaching experience to his name, the question has been raised about JJ’s willingness toward such a prestigious job.

Stan Van Gundy on ‘#thisleague UNCUT’ podcast, was asked by Chris Haynes and Marc Stein to highlight what advice would he give JJ Redick if the Lakers ever called him up. The 64-year-old highlighted that his former player is not someone who has followed the “ideal path” towards becoming a coach for the LA Lakers. That would involve having some prior experience. However, he also stated that such opportunities should never be allowed to go to waste. “You don’t get to pick when your opportunities are going to come,” said Van Gundy.

“And there’s only 30 of these jobs. And so, if he came to me and said, ‘Hey, I’ve got a chance at this’, you know, I’d say ‘jump at it’”. Van Gundy proceeded to highlight how Steve Kerr, who has often been described as ‘Steph Curry’s favorite person’ was never an assistant coach. Neither was Eric Spolster, who reportedly came from “the video room to the booth or to the bench and then was in it”. Therefore, if an opportunity presents itself, he believes that one shouldn’t look at what they achieved till now but what they could achieve with this role.

“There’s just not one path to get there,” Van Gundy continued. “And so, even if the path isn’t ideal, or it comes with certain challenges, if you get an opportunity, there’s only 30 of these jobs. You got to take it when the opportunity comes”.

Has JJ Redick ever displayed any coaching aspirations?

As soon as he exited the NBA back in 2021, JJ Redick headed straight to the ESPN studio and took up a post as an analyst. The past three years have also provided him with the opportunity to serve as a podcaster, using his platform to share insights on the latest happenings in the world of basketball. While he may not have taken up any coaching positions, the thought of doing so was still in the back of his head.

Back in April 2024, during an episode of ‘The Pivot Podcast’, the 39-year-old was asked about when the world would get to see ‘Coach Redick’ emerge. Letting out a chuckle, he exclaimed that his entry into the NBA as a trainer was all a matter of ‘when’ and ‘how’.

“I have a desire to coach in the NBA,” said Redick. “Life is about timing, life is about the right situation. So, I can’t say a ‘when’, and I can’t say a definite it’s going to happen”. Having already built an “ecosystem” for himself in the last few years, the former player does not want to give it all up until he is sure that doing so is the right decision.

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Jeanie Buss and the Lakers management team are not the first ones to have considered Redick. It wasn’t that long ago when he was reportedly on the Charlotte Hornets’ shortlist as well. In the end, they went with former Celtics assistant coach Charles Lee.

JJ Redick and the rest of the potential candidates are expected to be interviewed by the team management in a few days. This would provide him with the chance to follow up on Stan Van Gundy’s advice and make the best use of the opportunity that has been presented to him.

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