LeBron James’ friends speak out about LeBron James’ career change after the retired NBA star launched a new business

The NBA icon is broadening his horizons at the end of his glittering basketball career

LeBron James' friend hints at career change as NBA star launches new business

LeBron James has launched a new collection of hair and skincare products as he builds on the success of his successful TV talk show.

The 39-year-old is releasing a seven-set collection of products through The Shop, which is the same name as his award-winning program, after striking a partnership with his longtime friend Maverick Carter.

The series, co-created by Paul Rivera and Randy Mims, premiered on HBO in August 2018 and is now into its seventh season.

Filmed in a barbershop setting, James and Carter use their connections to invite big-name guests onto the show- with NFL legend Tom Brady, rapper Drake and former soccer player David Beckham just a few of the stars to engage in his roundtable conversations.

The NBA All-Star was not able to be present for the launch event in New York due to his commitments with the Los Angeles Lakers, with an away fixture against the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday.

But Carter insists that James has been heavily involved in the foundation of The Shop brand, as he spoke about how they came up with the idea for their new venture.

“There was no aha moment, there was more of a feeling,” Carter told PEOPLE magazine.

“He [James] was very clear on what he’d like to see in a product. There wasn’t anything that he wasn’t a part of.”

LeBron James’ potential career change

It remains to be seen when James will eventually hang up his jersey after spending It might not be anytime soon, given that he is still producing influential displays for the Lakers during a turbulent time for the Western Conference franchise.

But Carter has hinted that James could move into becoming a full-time entrepreneur when his career eventually comes to a close – as he heaped praise on his commitment and dedication to their business.

“He’s the most committed and dedicated person that I’ve ever seen, and that’s why he’s such a high achiever,” Carter continues.

“I think there’ll be much more for fans to learn about him as his [NBA] career winds down and he goes into the next chapters of his life and career.”

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