Michael Jordan’s Former Teammate CLAIMS LeBron James Is NBA GOAT Because He “Controls the Media”

A former teammate of Michael Jordan has stirred controversy, claiming LeBron James is the NBA GOAT due to his media influence. Read more.

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A former teammate of Michael Jordan, Kwame Brown, recently accused LA Lakers superstar LeBron James of manipulating the media to appear as the all-time greatest.

Brown spent two seasons with Jordan during his six-time champion run with the Washington Wizards.

Brown recently aired his views on his “Bust Life” YouTube channel.

He argued that James isn’t the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) but uses his media influence to create that perception.

“LeBron is the GOAT because LeBron controls the media,” Brown stated. “No NBA player genuinely considers him the GOAT.

Regardless of how it’s spun or cut, despite his impressive stats. The only ones who genuinely believe it are those who are job-seeking.”

Brown further criticized ESPN, accusing them of excessively promoting “King James” as their primary revenue source.

Brown claims this is why they incessantly discuss the star player and the LA Lakers.

“It’s purely for clicks and views,” declares Brown. “They are well aware that LeBron’s not the GOAT. It’s all about generating site traffic.

That’s also why ESPN and other networks are discussing him.”

Kwame Brown’s Harsh Criticism of LeBron James Ignites Controversy

Former NBA player Kwame Brown has also aimed at LeBron James following the Los Angeles Lakers’ loss to the Denver Nuggets in the previous year’s Western Conference Finals.

After the Lakers’ defeat, Brown launched a fierce social rant squarely directed at James.


Brown openly questioned James’ greatness and hinted at a lack of killer instinct after James missed a pivotal game-tying shot during the final moments of Game 4.

He slammed the Lakers’ star as a “stat-sheet junkie” and accused him of seeking an easy way out towards the game’s end.

“If I had a LeBron James jersey, I’d be burning it right now,” stated Brown.

As expected, these heated remarks have sparked fiery reactions from sports audiences worldwide.

“#TheKidFromAkron,” James expressed his ongoing motivation to improve and achieve success in the video, which many perceived as an understated retort to Brown’s critique.

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