“My head is pounding”: LeBron James’ wife, Savannah James shares what LeBron James wants to do after the game

LeBron James wife Savannah James reveals her go-to headache remedyLeBron James wife Savannah James reveals her go-to headache remedy

LeBron James has spent over 30 years just playing basketball. He has been a superstar in the NBA for over 21 years now.

The Lakers star has the highest mileage on his feet, although it is another story that he is still playing like he is in his early 30s.

In the latest episode of the “Mind The Game” podcast, when JJ Redick asked him about what James felt like after playing continuously over two decades.

James gave an analogy that it felt like driving an old car for decades without changing the tires.

“I was explaining to my wife the other day. She asked me how am I feel when I came home after a game,” LeBron said. “I said babe, just imagine buying a 2003 Escalade and it’s 2024 and you never changed the tires. So rub my feet please.”

Despite playing through two decades and facing any major injury, James has continued to amaze NBA historians and analytics.

He is still moving like he just turned 30 and still playing at an elite level.

He has played the highest number of minutes in the NBA regular season and playoffs combined. LeBron James is also the highest scorer in the league history.

This season, he has played 68 games for the Lakers as the team aims for a playoff spot. LeBron James is averaging 25.4 points per game while shooting 53.6% shooting from the field and 41.3% shooting from the three-point line.

LeBron James and Savannah James are truly the trendiest couple in Los Angeles right now.

While the Lakers star has started his own podcast to talk basketball, Savannah also started her own. Seems like her busy schedule has been giving her a hard time.

However, Mrs. James knows how to ward off the headaches after a long day.

Recently, the wife of the LA Lakers star posted a video of her enjoying a hot bath with her favorite smoothie after a long day.

Posting the video on her IG story, Mrs. James captioned the post.

“Ending Day 1 with a hot magnesium flake bath and a HMD smoothie.”

“My head is pounding. Goodnight!”

Savannah James enjoyed a hot bath and smoothie after a tiring daySavannah James enjoyed a hot bath and smoothie after a tiring day
Savannah James is starting her new journey in the world of podcasts. She will be co-hosting the podcast with April McDaniel, who is the founder of Crown+Conquer.

Her husband, LeBron James, also finally jumped into the world of podcasts. James launched his new podcast “Mind The Game” with former NBA player JJ Redick.

The podcast is purely basketball oriented and two people who love basketball talk about different parts of the game.

The podcast has been very successful with fans and James and Redick have garnered support from fans for revolutionizing the podcast world.

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