NBA – 11 months later, a scandalous outing on Wemby resurfaces: “Never in my life”

The young French NBA player from the San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama

His first NBA season now over, Victor Wembanyama can generally congratulate himself with a Rookie of the Year trophy reaching out to him.

This has also led Internet users to ridicule an old, unflattering speech about him.

After six very intense months spent with our heads behind the wheel, it is now time to rest and take a step back.

Indeed, even if he would have liked to take part in the postseason with the Spurs, Victor Wembanyama will be able to savor the few weeks of leave available to him.

During this time, observers take it upon themselves to take stock of his first campaign in the NBA… and to expose his detractors.

US analyst ridiculed for comments on Wembanyama

Author of an incredible rookie season, Wembanyama impressed the entire NBA community.

His performances even lead some to predict total domination of the league by him in the years to come .

A speech very different from that which certain influential voices could hold, like FOX Sports journalist Craig Carton, whose words delivered in May 2023 have just resurfaced:

“I don’t draft 2m26 guys who barely weigh 70kg. No way. (…)

I think we need to calm down about the fact that he is going to be the generational talent that we announce. » Yeah, he was wrong.

For now, Victor has indeed proven that he fully deserves his status as 1st pick as well as the predictions making him a very great future player.

It was therefore worth some mockery over this hot take which was already controversial at the time :

LOL, the brother needs to be fired💀💀

Why is this guy still getting media coverage? He makes Skip (Bayless) look like a genius😂

After a rookie season during which he had to face enormous pressure, Victor Wembanyama remains considered by many to be the future face of the NBA.

Craig Carton must regret having shown so much skepticism towards him.

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