NBA – A crazy future is promising Victor Wembanyama: “I hate the Spurs, but Wembanyama has everything it takes to…

Victor Wembanyama tại buổi họp báo cho Spurs

Still sparkling against the Knicks this Friday evening, Victor Wembanyama has everyone in agreement for his rookie campaign in Texas. Including the competition…

Author of an absolutely crazy season, to the point where he is stacking records, Victor Wembanyama continues to delight Spurs fans.

The Frenchman undoubtedly has a bright future, even if it is now up to the front office to do what is necessary to surround him well.

If this is the case, Gregg Popovich’s men will return to the forefront in the years to come.

Wembanyama already among the best?

But for others, there’s no need to wait very long with Wembanyama around.

With averages of 21 points, 10.5 rebounds and 3.3 blocks, the Frenchman is coming off one of the greatest seasons in history for a rookie.

And he even establishes himself as one of the best players in the league for fans. Already.


I hate the San Antonio Spurs, but Wemby has what it takes to be considered a top 15 player in the NBA today.

The title window for Spurs will be open next season. They have already achieved the hardest thing to do in basketball: having an indisputable number 1 option.

And he’s only 20 years old.

And this is coming from a Rockets fan, which says a lot about the player’s recent performance.

The fact is that Wembanyama is having a crazy campaign, with statistics that some competitors only dream of.

It’s up to Spurs to do what is necessary to surround him as best as possible from now on.

We will seriously have to face it for more than 10 years…

Even Rockets fans admit it: Victor Wembanyama is already in the Top 15 best NBA players.

And this ranking continues to improve over the weeks. This says a lot about the prowess of the Frenchman, whose future looks crazy.

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