NBA – A fan exposes the Lakers’ tactics against Jokic and ignites the web: “You can’t do that! »

NBA superstars LeBron James (left) and Nikola Jokic (right)

The Lakers were overwhelmed against the Nuggets in Game 1, with very questionable tactics from Darvin Ham.

A fan wanted to show off the coach… all with energy.

While Game 2 will take place this Monday evening, the Lakers will need adjustments to try to beat the Nuggets.

But after the turn of Game 1, we come to wonder if Darvin Ham is the right coach to turn the situation around.

For fans in Los Angeles, the answer is clearly no. Many also want him to leave this summer.

Darvin Ham humiliated for his coaching

There is no doubt that this is even more the case after this first match, where Ham was unable to limit the Nuggets and especially Jokic.

The Serbian had fun against the Angelinos defense and a fan decided to expose Darvin Ham and his staff. In question ?

Very worrying defense in the third quarter.


“I hate Darvin Ham more than anyone. You can not do that ! Someone say something! “Ice” the screen (putting yourself in front of Jokic’s screen to force Murray from the other side, editor’s note).

Keep Jamal Murray close to the line, Jokic can’t catch this ball! LeBron has two Nuggets players two assists apart.

Look at this pick-and-roll, the second Jokic catches the ball, now LeBron has to contest it late and loooooooooooob!!!!! »

We clearly understood that the person didn’t like Ham’s coaching at all and it’s hard to blame him when you see the result.

The Lakers did nothing to put Jokic in difficulty and the result is directly paid for.

A simple action, certainly, but which sums up the match and says a lot about the Angelinos staff. Makes you wonder if they finally worked on this series.

the fact that a random fan can understand this and not Darvin Ham is crazy

Darvin Ham is (again) called into question for his work, widely exposed in this Game 1.

It is quite possible that the coach plays his future in this series when we see his work in these playoffs…

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