NBA – A former blunt about the decision of Bronny James: “In the NBA, you are not…

South California Trojans NCAA player Bronny James (left) and his father, Los Angeles Lakers NBA star LeBron (right)

Bronny James may be an NBA player in a few months, once the draft is over.

The player chose to register for the event, which is a good thing for a league veteran.

Despite declining statistics at USC and a mixed overall impression, Bronny James decided to take the plunge.

LeBron’s son will be present at the next draft where he hopes to be selected as high as possible.

For this, he will have some interviews and workouts to do with various franchises. Let’s keep in mind that a turnaround is possible.

A former praises Bronny James

Since Bronny has entered the so-called transfer portal, it opens the possibility of a return to the NCAA, for example if no NBA team wants him

. One thing now seems certain: he will not return to USC. But is it the right thing to do? Yes for Baron Davis, happy to see him try his luck in the NBA.

Baron Davis on Bronny James’ potential : “I think him declaring for the draft is a good thing.

Because he might be a better pro than a high school player.

The program is really different. In the NBA, we are a little more free.

You are not coached every moment. You don’t do zone defense all the time. »

With the less defensive and freer profile of the NBA, Bronny could indeed be more comfortable, although his physique could cause him problems against the bigger players.

Wouldn’t one or two more seasons on the NCAA side ultimately be a better idea?

Everyone will have their own opinion.

He needs to stay in high school and work on his game

Bronny James in the NBA? Baron Davis is supportive, especially when we see the evolution of the game in the professional league. Not sure he will succeed in convincing everyone with this explanation…

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