NBA – A legend ignites in the middle of a match for Wembanyama: “He…

Victor Wembanyama at press conference for Spurs

Author of several hits in recent weeks, Victor Wembanyama continues to garner numerous praises.

In the middle of the match, Walt Frazier gave a clear opinion on the Frenchman.

Even if the season is not yet over, everything suggests that Victor Wembanyama will be crowned rookie of the year, while a good place for the DPOY also awaits him.

In front of Rudy Gobert? Unlikely given Spurs’ record today, but anything is possible with hype.

Thanks to his recent 40 points/20 rebounds on the Knicks, Wemby continues to impress.

Wembanyama still praised in the middle of the match

More recently, it was Kevin Garnett who got excited about the feats achieved by Victor.

Unheard of in history according to him, a feeling that the legend Walt Frazier clearly shares.

In full commentary alongside Mike Breen, Frazier gave his description of Wembanyama.

And I might as well tell you that it is rather positive…


Walt Frazier on Victor Wembanyama : “Here’s my assessment of Wemby: He has the offensive abilities of Kareem and Wilt, the defensive tenacity of Bill Russell, and the sagacity and versatility of LeBron. »

Suffice to say that Frazier is impressed on his side, since he sees Wembanyama as a relatively complete player.

Great comparisons for the Frenchman… and enough to put additional pressure on his shoulders.

Frazier : “He’s obviously going to get more powerful…that’ll be it for this league. »

It’s going to be a problem.

Walt Frazier is clearly a fan of Victor Wembanyama, whom he sees becoming one of the greatest players in history.

At least if his assessment is anything to go by.

The Frenchman will in any case appreciate being compared to these people.


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