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Bronny James’ name could be the most important as the Draft approaches.

Already because he is talented, but above all because he could have an impact on his father’s future.

In the meantime, the league has ruled on his serious heart problems.

In a Draft predicted to be quite weak, Bronny James will undoubtedly be the prospect most followed by the media and fans.

Not necessarily because he is the best player of the vintage, but rather because his destination could have a strong influence on the end of his father’s career.

It’s not ideal for starting your career path, but being the son of the potential GOAT comes at a cost.

Indeed, because the King has expressed for years his desire to play with his senior for at least a year, many managers think they can attract him by selecting the young USC fullback.

This is particularly the case for the Lakers, who strongly fear seeing the architect of the title won in the bubble in 2020 leave. The series promises to be exciting.

The league allows Bronny James to play!

The NBA has just made a big announcement about Bronny.

You are probably aware that he suffered a major heart problem last summer, and he could have been banned from entering the Draft if he presented the slightest risk of relapse.

Adrian Wojnarowski went fishing for information, and according to Adam Silver, everything is in order:

After his cardiac arrest and surgery to repair a heart failure 9 months ago, the NBA allowed Bronny James to be drafted and play in the league.

Authorized to play at the highest level by the league, Bronny James should therefore leave his name in the Draft and be selected next month.

He’s fully recovered from his heart problem, which is big news in itself, even without the implications about his father. In any case, on the Internet users side, the propaganda is already beginning:

He’s going to the Pistons and LeBron will follow him

Bronny James is fully recovered from his heart problem and he will have the right to enter the Draft, then play in the NBA. And because the NBA deems him fit, he should receive interest from almost all franchises.

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