NBA – After Bronny’s announcement, the viral indiscretion on LeBron’s future with the Lakers!

Los Angeles Lakers NBA superstar LeBron James (left) and his son, Bronny (right)
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After a disappointing first season in the NCAA for many, Bronny James could join the NBA this summer.

At the same time, his father, LeBron, will have to resolve his own contractual situation with the Lakers, which has just been the subject of a major update.

In any case, he remains able to continue his university career under colors other than those of his current university of USC.

After all, Bronny James still has a lot to prove in the NCAA, having had a freshman season there that left many observers wanting more.

However, he could also decide to try his chance now to join the ranks of the NBA.

Eligible for the next Draft, the young 19-year-old fullback plans to enter , if he is the subject of some interest in the big league.

This would then be enough to delight LeBron James, whose dream is to play there with his eldest son.

His current contractual situation therefore seems conducive to this situation, but could however change in the coming months according to the latest information.

An insider’s incendiary outing on LeBron James

While he will celebrate his 40th birthday next December, LeBron is not yet expected to retire this summer.

It must be said that he benefits from a player option at $51.4 million for next year, which would be enough to convince any player to continue his career a little longer.

However, Brian Windhorst recently suggested in his Hoop Collective Podcast that the King could give it up:

Brian Windhorst: I think LeBron is going to decline his player option no matter what.

And the reason I think that is because even if he only comes back for one season, the only way for him to get a no-trade clause is to sign a new contract.

If he extends his current contract or honors his player option, he will not be able to receive a no-trade clause.

And I think for a number of different reasons, LeBron would like to, might ask for and get a no-trade clause.

Already holding a no-trade clause at the end of his second stint in Cleveland, LBJ would therefore benefit from this privilege again.

However, this would imply rejecting the jackpot currently promised to him.

That said, the Lakers seem determined to keep their leader until he retires, whatever the cost.

By signing a new lease in Los Angeles, the latter could therefore inherit an even more colossal salary while being able to decide his future alone.

The scenario mentioned by Windhorst could therefore suit both parties.

It remains to be seen whether it will indeed materialize during the upcoming offseason.

LeBron James has always liked to hold all the cards and does not seem to have changed his posture as he approaches his forties.

Thus, he could decline his XXL player option this summer in order to recover a no-trade clause according to Brian Windhorst.

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