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Victor Wembanyama at press conference for Spurs

Victor Wembanyama was impressive again against the Warriors this Sunday, with a devastating stat line.

Not surprising for the Frenchman, aware of his qualities.

With 32 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 interceptions and 3 blocks, Victor Wembanyama once again did quite a job for the Warriors this Sunday evening.

He has had a great end to the season in the Spurs jersey, with the firm intention of winning as many matches as possible between now and the end.

And so far, no one has really been able to stop it. Not even the Warriors.

Wembanyama shines again against the Warriors

Despite the presence of Draymond Green and other fairly good players on defense, Wembanyama showed his talent against the Dubs.

At a press conference, even Green admitted that defending him is really complicated .

He says he is happy not to cross his path for years to come, which will please Victor.

How to stop such a move? We will have to ask the question to the defenders.

But if Wembanyama can regularly use his power and size like this in the paint, then the competition can fear the worst for the future.

The Frenchman is also perfectly aware of this: he is unstoppable if he uses all his tools.

At a press conference, Wembanyama is clear: no one can stop him at his best. The league’s defenders have been warned.

Victor Wembanyama : “I know that no one can stop me when I use all my weapons.

It’s always like that. It doesn’t matter what the opponent does, I just try to find my place with the team, and if I’m defended by two players, I pass.

Make the little efforts that you don’t see on the stats line. »

Victor Wembanyama is capable of anything on the floor, including finding his teammates if the defense closes in on him.

And the Frenchman is doing it quite well so far even though he is only a rookie.

Suffice to say that his room for improvement is crazy.

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