NBA – After his new carnage, fans shocked by a stat from Wembanyama: “I don’t see…

Victor Wembanyama warming up for Spurs

Victor Wembanyama continues big matches with Spurs, just to end the season on a good note. This is evidenced by an absolutely frightening statistic.

Simple rookie or not, Victor Wembanyama suspected that he would be able to impact matches with his defense, and very quickly.

His 2m24 is obviously useful, but his mobility and his sense of timing on shots make him a nightmare for opposing attackers. The proof ?

His 3.5 blocks average, making him the wide, very wide leader in the NBA.

The crazy stat illustrating Wembanyama’s dominance

This is why many fans explain that Wembanyama deserves the title of defender of the year, ahead of Rudy Gobert.

It won’t be enough, although we must recognize Wemby’s crazy impact on opposing shots. He has also been the leader of the league since January.

He even found a way to speed up the pace.

Chet Holmgren, Brook Lopez and Anthony Davis have long been behind Wembanyama, but not necessarily very far.

Except that in recent months, the Frenchman has advanced to the point where his lead is crazy, illustrating his domination.

Quite scary for a player of barely 20 years old, especially since he can continue like this for quite a while…

I don’t see Chet’s name


Victor Wembanyama is heading straight for some pretty crazy domination in the NBA on the counter side.

His first season is already remarkable, not to mention the fact that the Frenchman will still progress a lot. Good luck to the competition.

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