NBA – After his recital, LeBron loses his temper on Zion Williamson: “It’s just a little…

NBA stars LeBron James (left) and Zion Williamson (right)

Despite the defeat suffered this Tuesday by the Pelicans against the Lakers, Zion Williamson does not have to blame himself.

Heroic before leaving his partners due to injury in the money-time, the young colossus was the subject of strong words from LeBron James afterwards.

If the Pelicans still don’t have their ticket to the playoffs, it’s certainly not because of him.

For the first postseason match of his career, Zion Williamson gave everything he could this Tuesday against the Lakers.

His determination to extract his team from the Play-In Tournament led him to perform wonders in defeat, finishing the game with 40 points and 11 rebounds:

LeBron James raves about Zion Williamson

Much more discreet a few days earlier against this same opponent, Williamson this time displayed all his class on the floor of the Smoothie King Center.

All this, despite LeBron James’ efforts to stop him, which had paid off so well during their previous duel .

Forced to bow to the prowess of his counterpart, the Angelino leader did not mince his words at a press conference:

LeBron James: Zion is going to be great for a long time.

Of course, he started the season slowly, but he remains a player and a generational talent.

He will continue to improve and what we saw tonight is only a small sample of the level he can reach.

Unsurprisingly, LeBron therefore promises wonders to the one who was once compared to him.

For now, Zion must already hope to be able to play in the upcoming clash between Pels and Kings, he who was deprived of the end of the match against the Purple & Gold due to a leg injury.

His franchise can also keep your fingers crossed in view of his performance, crucial for possible qualification.

For his part, LBJ will be able to calmly recover after having sacrificed his body to provoke a forceful passage against him:

Failing to have offered 7th place in the Western Conference to the Pelicans, Zion Williamson drew strong praise from LeBron James.

Not sure, however, that this will be enough to console him in the event of a possible defeat against the Kings on Friday.

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