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LeBron James, Victor Wembanyama et Kevin Durant
NBA (DR) / Spurs (DR)

Victor Wembanyama is indeed the rookie of the year, as the NBA confirmed this Monday evening. We even had the right to congratulations for the Frenchman, with LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

Without any surprise after months of dominating the competition, Victor Wembanyama became rookie of the year this Monday. He finished first with all possible first places, while Chet Holmgren was far behind the Frenchman . Nothing could be more normal for him, especially when we see all his prowess during this rookie campaign.

Victor Wembanyama congratulated by the stars

The most frightening ? This is just the beginning for Wemby. A simple rookie who will continue to progress in the years to come, with several players happy not to cross his path too much in the future. This is for example the case of LeBron James , who sent a message to Victor after his victory. The whole thing was done as part of an advertisement with Fanatics.

LeBron James to Victor Wembanyama : “I just want to congratulate you man. I’m happy that you are part of this wonderful league. Keep doing what you’re doing. Keep getting better. It’s deserved, and it’s just the beginning. »

The future belongs to Wembanyama, while James is slowly getting closer to retirement for his part. A great transition for these two players

Still in the same video, Kevin Durant gave his message:

Kevin Durant for Victor Wembanyama : “What a season. We’re all really looking forward to seeing what you’re going to achieve over the next 15 years, man. Keep playing, the future looks bright. »

Beautiful words for Wembanyama, who was clearly speechless after a barrage of speeches. Chris Paul, Pau Gasol and others participated in this video in particular.

But Wembanyama also becomes a source of pride in San Antonio, to the point where the Spurs legends are conquered by Victor, already considered the next generation. David Robinson also left a message for the person:

David Robinson to Victor Wembanyama : “I couldn’t be more proud of you man. You represented Spurs, you represented yourself, you represented France, everyone. »

Victor Wembanyama is definitely special, and everyone in the NBA understood that today. A great career awaits for the Frenchman, more motivated than ever after such speeches.

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