NBA – After its decision, the Bronny James case divides: “Scouts are…

NBA superstar LeBron James (left) and his eldest son, Bronny (right)

Officially present for the next NBA draft, at least if he does not withdraw his name between now and the event, Bronny James is still far from convincing everyone. And that’s the case across the league.

Will we officially see two members of the James family in the NBA next year?

This is a serious possibility since Bronny has decided to enter the NBA draft.

Despite relatively low statistics and difficulties at USC, LeBron’s son wanted to take a new step… even if he protects himself. By entering the NCAA transfer portal, Bronny could easily return to high school if he is not drafted.

A difficult future for Bronny in the NBA?

After all, his future remains very undecided at the moment.

Scouts are convinced that he can become a good defender in the NBA… and that’s about it.

It would take him several years in high school to really progress, which the player seems to refuse at this moment.

Here is the observation shared by Chris Mannix on his Twitter account this Friday.

Chris Mannix on Bronny James : “NBA scouts are divided on James. He has elite tools on defense but lacks the size to defend the bigger guards.

He shows signs of a big creator but he’s not a traditional point guard. His shot was complicated, but he still performed well after his heart incident last summer.

James will go through the evaluation process before making a decision on the NBA draft. »

It’s entirely possible that James decides to opt out of the draft by June, especially if franchises aren’t interested in recruiting him.

For now, let’s say that his profile is still far from unanimous in the league.

People are afraid to say that he needs to stay in school and that he’s not good enough for the NBA.

Will Bronny James complete the process to make it to the NBA? Doubt is allowed when we see the opinion of the scouts. A player with an intriguing future, but far, far from the best.

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