NBA – After lying about his height, Bronny James, 1m85, destroys: “LeBron should have…


Because he is the son of one of the most athletic players in history, fans have always expected Bronny James to inherit an unusual physique. And obviously, he lied to get closer to the expectations about him. The return to reality is scathing.

This week, some of the best prospects on the planet are in Chicago for the traditional Draft Combine.

The opportunity for them to participate in numerous physical tests and exercises with the ball in front of dozens and dozens of scouts. Fans don’t give it much importance, but these few days can have a real influence on a player’s place in the Draft.

For example, the Frenchman Alexandre Sarr could well formalize his status as No. 1 thanks to extraordinary physical qualities for a boy of his size.

And the icing on the cake, he also showed himself to be quite skillful behind the arc, which is necessary for interiors today. But what about Bronny James, a talent whose selection could disrupt the end of LeBron ‘s career ?

Bronny James too small for the NBA?

If he was very advantageous in shooting, which is reassuring for a “3 and D” profile, a big lie about him darkened the picture.

Since his high school years, he has been advertised as 1m93, but in reality, he would “only” be 1m85 without shoes.

A revelation that pushed many Internet users to wonder if he’s playing the right sport

LeBron should have made him play defender in American football lol

He should be at the NFL Combine

1m85, 93 kilos of muscle and extraordinary athletic qualities… Bronny James indeed has the ideal profile for an American football player.

And because basketball also provides quite exceptional mobility, it’s a safe bet that he could make the transition quite easily.

If he doesn’t make it in the NBA, why not try his luck on the pitch?

Basketball will always be a great sport, and even more so today with monsters like Victor Wembanyama and Chet Holmgren in the rackets? Will Bronny James succeed in winning there with his “little” 1m85?

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