NBA – After the ca:rn:age, Wembanyama’s viral VIDEO is funny: “He didn’t want to be penalized for throwing the ball”

Victor Wembanyama at press conference for Spurs
Spurs (DR)

By overcoming a large deficit, the Spurs showed strong mental strength this Friday against the Nuggets.

Victor Wembanyama quickly celebrated the victory… but he narrowly avoided the fine.

Thanks to an immense Victor Wembanyama, the Spurs have just beaten the Nuggets with a score of 121-120.

Not easy for the Texan team, since they were up to 23 points behind. Wemby woke up with as many as 17 points in less than three minutes , allowing San Antonio to turn this game around in the third quarter.

Wembanyama ignites after victory

However, it was a bad start for Gregg Popovich and his men.

Proof of a certain animosity on the floor?

The fact that Wemby collected his second career technical foul after complaining to a referee following a whistle.

The Frenchman clearly did not agree, just like his coach, and made it known.

Wemby takes a technique.🤯

But the Texans finally managed to turn the match around to recover a precious victory, which is good for morale.

If successful on Sunday against the Pistons, San Antonio will match its total from last year, which seemed impossible in January.

So you imagine that Victor was happy.

A detail quickly amused the supporters in this celebration: the fact that Wembanyama hits the ball on the ground rather than sending it towards the public.

After receiving a $25,000 fine last time, it seems that the Frenchman had a moment of lucidity.

The guy was about to throw the ball then he remembered the 25k fine and had to give up😂

He didn’t want to get fined for throwing the ball😂

A month ago, Victor Wembanyama probably would have kicked the ball into the stands. Not this evening.

It seems that the fine given by the NBA served as a lesson to the Frenchman.

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