NBA – After the crazy season at Wemby, the mayor of San Antonio’s madness for the Frenchman! (PHOTO)

Victor Wembanyama, French Spurs player, with a smile
NBA Extra (DR)

When you have the talent of Victor Wembanyama and you have the nickname “the Alien”, you can easily expect extraordinary events to follow one another.

The proof is the viral photo of the sign addressed to San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg’s Frenchman.

The day Adam Silver called out Victor Wembanyama’s name during the 2023 draft, Spurs fans were buzzing.

Although the franchise is still struggling to be competitive, being 14th in the West with a record of 21 wins and 60 losses, the residents of San Antonio have high hopes for the future thanks to their nugget.

And this is obviously also the case for the city’s mayor!

Present in the stands of the Frost Bank Center during the great victory almost at the buzzer (121-120) of the Texans this Friday against the Nuggets, Ron Nirenberg stood out.

While he may have been trying to blend in with his fan outfit, he couldn’t hide for long because of what was written on his sign, which sparked many reactions on social media.

A professional reconversion already planned for Victor Wembanyama?

Greatly felt for winning the ROTY trophy while being in the running for the DPOY, Victor Wembanyama has become a symbol for San Antonio.

Fans of the franchise place their faith in him and his popularity is such that even Mayor Ron Nirenberg ironically began campaigning to see the Frenchman succeed him in his position.

A professional reconversion already in sight for the 20-year-old crack?

Victor Wembanyama as mayor!!!

It’s funny because he’s LITERALLY the mayor of San Antonio

Throughout the season, Victor Wembanyama has brought joy to fans of the Spurs franchise.

And apparently, the rookie is popular with everyone since Ron Nirenberg was seen demanding on his sign the succession of the young star to his position as mayor.

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