NBA – After the fiasco with Wembanyama, the brutal decision of the Spurs for Sochan!

NBA – After the fiasco with Wembanyama, the brutal decision of the Spurs for Sochan!

NBA - La photo de Wembanyama et Jeremy Sochan qui déchaînent les Spurs : «  Ils vont…

Spurs’ flagship experience at the start of the season, Jeremy Sochan has never convinced in the role of leader.

This is mainly due to numerous omissions in finding Victor Wembanyama. Faced with such a failure, San Antonio has already made a decision.

Aware that this season will be difficult, the Spurs have already multiplied their experiences.

Victor Wembanyama was moved to position 5 last game, while Jeremy Sochan has spent a lot of time at point guard since last October.

A project aborted by Gregg Popovich, who placed his interior on the bench recently, before returning him to position 4.

Spurs' Victor Wembanyama says 'no limitations' on his role - ESPN

Big change on the Spurs side

A trend which confirms that Sochan will no longer be the leader of Spurs in the near and even distant future.

At least that’s what Shams Charania confirms in his very recent article, explaining that San Antonio’s number 10 will be a simple ball carrier in the future.

It must be believed, without much surprise, that Popovich was not satisfied with the result at the end.

Shams Charania: “Jeremy Sochan is transitioning from full-time point guard for San Antonio to one of the ball carriers in the Spurs’ rotation moving forward. »

Understand that Sochan is demoted in his role by Popovich, unhappy with his player’s performance at position 1.

Not surprising when you see the result, but it was important to put an end to it. It now remains to be seen how Spurs will fill the lead in the future.

Devin Vassell could be renewed against the Rockets, or Tre Jones could be entitled to a nice promotion from the bench.

One thing is certain: San Antonio needs a real leader to find players, including Wembanyama.

This means that we will choose in the draft

The Spurs have stopped the Jeremy Sochan experiment at the lead… at least for now.

The best possible decision for the team, even if his replacement has not yet been named. Partly answered this week.

Spurs' Victor Wembanyama says he's able to play point guard |

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