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NBA LeBron James and Victor Wembanyama
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Recently named Rookie of the Year, Victor Wembanyama has received countless accolades, including from LeBron James. The Frenchman shared his reaction.

There was no suspense regarding the NBA rookie of the year award this season. Chet Holmgren created an illusion in the first weeks of competition, before Victor Wembanyama picked up the pace, to the point of playing like an All-Star.

Quite impressive to see, especially for a simple 20-year-old rookie, whose career is only just beginning across the Atlantic.

The following ? It promises to be special for Wembanyama. He hopes to do much better next year, perhaps with a ticket for the play-in with his Spurs.

It will be difficult given the competition but don’t count on Victor to let himself be defeated.

He also confirmed it again in front of journalists this Saturday: he wants to win and if possible quickly.

Wembanyama returns to LeBron’s message

Looking forward, Wemby has been widely praised for his exploits, including by Kevin Durant and LeBron James .

Several big players took the floor to express themselves on the Frenchman, all in an advertisement with Fanatics. Speaking to the media this Saturday, Wembanyama returned to his first reaction.

Victor Wembanyama : “It was a big surprise, something I didn’t expect. Because seeing these guys, taking the time to encourage me, to congratulate me, it means a lot to me.

Especially since I didn’t think that some people were going to take the time to do that. I mean, how busy is LeBron? »

“It inspires me. In the future, once I’m a veteran, I hope I can encourage young people like that. »

Many former players had shared a message for Wembanyama, including Shaquille O’Neal , who was sometimes very harsh with the Frenchman during the season.

That’s why Victor must have been surprised too. But this motivates him even more for the future, with new exploits expected for his sophomore campaign.

Even recently, it was a Grizzlies player who praised Wembanyama’s prowess on the NBA floor. However, at the start, he hated the Frenchman …

Victor Wembanyama is grateful after messages from LeBron James and Kevin Durant, who took the time to congratulate him. This means a lot for the Frenchman, more motivated than ever for the future.

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