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Rudy Gobert and his partner Julia Bonilla
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Is Rudy Gobert an overrated player? While the Frenchman is shining this season, he was judged as such by some players following a survey on The Athletic.

His companion, Julia Bonilla, was quick to counterattack.

On fire for the Wolves’ first game in the playoffs, Rudy Gobert is having a great season in Minnesota, alongside Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns.

The postseason will be long and the outcome uncertain, however, Chris Finch’s men have a chance of winning the championship with Gobert at this level. This has also become the Frenchman’s only objective for a while.

And despite his attractive achievements throughout this campaign, it seems that Rudy is still far from being unanimous among his peers.

In question ? A poll from The Athletic, with more than 140 players voting.

When discussing the most overrated person in the league, Gobert’s name quickly came to the top , ahead of Jordan Poole in particular.

Rudy Gobert quickly defended after the controversy

But as you can imagine, these attacks go very poorly, especially when we see Rudy’s season in Minnesota.

Many fans wanted to defend him on social networks in response to this survey, just like his partner, Julia Bonilla.

Like other people, she does not understand how it is possible to criticize the Frenchman in this way. TMZ shared his comments.

Julia Bonilla : “My partner is the most dedicated, determined and hardworking person I have ever met.

He has not stolen anything from anyone and deserves all respect for his determination and commitment to his career.

It’s hard for me to stay silent in the face of so much disrespect and absurdity.

I’m so proud of the person he is – just a great teammate, with a good heart and a strong spirit. »

There is no doubt that Rudy did not like the criticism at all, even if the Frenchman cut off his networks during the postseason. His only concern?

The victory for the Wolves, who could be a little more motivated for Game 2. We must respond on the floor from now on.

It is clear that this poll against Rudy Gobert did not please at all, especially when these criticisms seem undeserved.

The Frenchman is having a great season and hopes to celebrate with a ring on his fingertips in June.

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