NBA – After their viral interaction, Jokic reveals his threat made to Wemby: “I will…

NBA Victor Wembanyama and Nikola Jokic

As dominant as usual against the Spurs this Tuesday, Nikola Jokic however saw several of his shots blocked by Victor Wembanyama.

This also gave rise to an exchange which made the rounds on social networks and the content of which the Serb revealed.

So far this season, the duels between the two teams have always been one-sided.

And for good reason, since they pitted the worst team in the Western Conference against one of the best.

However, this Tuesday, Denver experienced a lot of difficulty when dominating the Spurs at home. Certainly winners (110-105), Nikola Jokic and his teammates were nevertheless able to see the talent of Victor Wembanyama.

Nikola Jokic reveals his hilarious warning for Wembanyama

Once again carried by a great Jokic (42 points, 16 rebounds, 6 assists), the Nuggets however had to work hard to pocket their 53rd victory of the season.

The fault lies with Wembanyama who had decided to thwart their plans and who ended the match with no less than 9 blocks.

This also gave rise to a viral sequence between the two interiors which ended with smiles:

Images captured in the middle of a battle between the two men and which testify to the mutual respect that reigns between them.

The Serbian pivot can thus be seen speaking a few words to his young counterpart before they laugh about it together.

Unsurprisingly, the journalists present at the Ball Arena tried to find out more at a press conference… and got what they were looking for from the double MVP:

Journalist: What did you say to Wemby after this sequence?

Nikola Jokic: I told him, “If you block even one more shot, I’m going to…” Something. In the end, he countered another 4 or something like that afterwards and I didn’t do anything! (Laughs)

Even the Joker’s pressure shots are clearly not enough to stop the French counter machine.

Unfortunately for San Antonio, the latter nevertheless proved insufficient to leave Colorado with a prestigious victory.

This nonetheless remains promising for the weeks and years to come, during which Wemby’s defensive slaughter should do the greatest good to his franchise.

Until then, Jokic and his partners can enjoy their success.

Used to disgusting opposing defenders, Nikola Jokic could be surprised by the number of counterattacks that Victor Wembanyama made against him.

However, he will have to find another recipe than intimidation to disturb the Frenchman.


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