NBA – Amid Kendrick Lamar Beef, NBA World Mocks Drake With Bitter LeBron James & Heat Locker Room Reminder: “Pat Riley knows everything…”

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Fans drag LeBron James and the Heat family into the Drake-Kendrick Lamar beef. Over the last few days, the millionaire rappers have been going at each other with explosive song releases dissing each other, on a daily basis.

While they became the dinner-time conversation across the world, the NBA superstar and his former team have recently joined the center stage because of a notable incident from the 2013 NBA Finals series.

Amid this rap war, Drake has found himself in the firing line over the last 24 hours. In Kendrick Lamar’s latest release, “Not Like Us” the artist accused Drake of a sexual offense with questionable lyrics.

Since then, rap fans are behind the God’s Plan star, making memes with celebrities, who have ignored him in the past. Notably, in one of the memes, former POTUS Barack Obama picked Kendrick Lamar over Drake to win a rap battle in an interview.

While the interview from the past was nowhere related to the ongoing rap war, fans were quick to link it.

In the same vein, a fan shared a video of security denying access to Drake to enter the Heat’s locker room in the 2013 Finals. While it was the security guard who denied the access, fans dragged the Miami Heat president, Pat Riley.

Basketball Coverage, an Instagram page shared the video along with the caption, “Pat Riley knows everything,” with a flurry of crying emojis. In response to the post, fans flooded the comments section with hilarious reactions.

While Riley and Obama rejected Drake in the past, LeBron James has been a close ally of the rapper. It’s not only James, other players like Stephen Curry, Devin Booker, and Kevin Durant have a great bond with each other.

Fans joined the NBA bandwagon to troll Drake

While meme creators put their creative juice to use to troll a celebrity, fans in the comments further amp it up with their hilarious reactions. This post isn’t any different. One of the fans who found it hilarious also reminded the Heat family made up for the embarrassment.

The fan wrote, “This sh*t was hilarious when it happened, and then he went to LIV with them right after.” The security denied access to the star rapper even after he claimed to be ‘media’. But then, Drake headed to the VIP room and shook his legs at LIV nightclub Miami.

Another fan reminded the NBA world of the rules. Meredith, a fan who claimed to have been part of the security team, said, “You need creds to go back there.

NBA security don’t play like that.” Two other fans sided with the Heat family and hailed Riley. One fan wrote, “pat riley is apparently very strict. Like take your pick,” while the other wrote, “Pat Riley don’t let anyone back there”

This fan found the whole scenario hilarious, how Drake tried to join the Heat team after their historic Game 7 win. Instead of joining the team, the superstar rapper got denied in front of the blaring media. Describing the situation, the fan wrote, “bro wit the camera glazing.”

Nevertheless, the rap war isn’t ending anytime soon. The tide might turn in Drake’s favor in the coming days. Let us know about your favorite meme from the rap war in the comments below.

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