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Victor Wembanyama at a press conference
Spurs (DR)

The Spurs already have a clear plan to get the franchise back to the top, with Victor Wembanyama leading the way. Not good news for the competition, with some people already fearing the worst.

Despite rumors of the arrival of Trae Young in particular, it is unlikely that the Spurs will decide to move too quickly on the market.

Rather than recruiting a star in a relatively young group, the franchise should go through the draft in 2024, or even in 2025.

There is no question of skipping steps, despite the crazy performances of Victor Wembanyama.

One of the best prospects of the vintage also flirted with Spurs recently , convinced of being able to shine with Wembanyama at his side.

It promises great things, even if San Antonio is studying all options at this stage. But the competition is wary, especially since Victor could become unstoppable once the Spurs have achieved their goal.

The NBA fears the worst with Wembanyama and the Spurs

And that’s a confidence from an executive to Adrian Wojnarowski during the last draft combine. Time is running out for other franchises, who fear the worst once the Spurs have an up-to-date roster. Quite flattering for Wemby, although the process could take several years. At least.

Adrian Wojnarowski : “An executive, whose team is in the playoffs, told me: ‘the rest of us had better hurry up and win. Once Wembanyama has a solid group around him in San Antonio, he’ll be the one to win.’ »

It’s the dream of Texan supporters, convinced of having hit the jackpot with Wembanyama. It is now up to Spurs to make the right decisions in the future, all with the aim of winning numerous titles. We can understand the fears of other franchises…

Once the Spurs have a solid roster around Victor Wembanyama, it is clear that the Texas franchise will play for the title. And for many years. It must be believed that the competition is already preparing for it.

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