NBA – Announced in San Antonio, Trae Young’s viral like: “Better than going to the Spurs with Wemby!” »

NBA stars Trae Young (left) and Victor Wembanyama (right)

Expected by some to arrive at the Spurs next summer, Trae Young therefore sees his every move spied on by fans.

The like he recently made on X therefore seriously calls this scenario into question.

Unavailable for more than a month and operated on the left little finger, his return is long overdue.

Trae Young thus remains stuck in the Hawks infirmary and prevented from putting on the jersey of his franchise again.

At the same time, some observers hope that he will swap it for another very soon. It must be said that two teams including Spurs seem well placed to recruit him this summer.

The Wemby/Trae Young duo called into question because of a like?

For the past few weeks, many San Antonio fans have entertained the fantasy of seeing Young team up with Victor Wembanyama.

This, despite the contrary signals sent by the star leader . Because in addition to publicly announcing himself well established on the Atlanta side, the latter recently liked a tweet reporting the praise of LeBron James and JJ Redick on the subject of… Mark Daigneault, coach of the Thunder:

Unsurprisingly, this simple like signed by Ice Trae did not escape the Thunder Nation, whose members perceived it as a mark of respect addressed to Daigneault.

Some even saw it… as a wake-up call for the offseason. After all, OKC now represents a great destination in the NBA, not only given its current excellent results, but also the immense potential of the team.

Young also has a full-fledged relationship with Oklahoma.

Raised there, he notably completed his high school education at the Norman North establishment, as well as his time in the NCAA in the ranks of the Oklahoma Sooners.

Suffice to say that a return there would certainly not displease him, which has led the local fans to get excited right now:

For him, it would still be better than going to Spurs with Wemby!

Called to liven up the transfer market this summer, Trae Young could be the subject of a solicitation from Spurs.

His recent like on Mark Daigneault could, however, suggest that he would prefer to join the Thunder and his beloved state of Oklahoma.

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