NBA – Barely drafted, Cameron Brink comments on Steph Curry: “I FaceTimed him, and…

WNBA Los Angeles Sparks player Cameron Brink and Warriors legend Stephen Curry

For years, Stephen Curry has followed Cameron Brink’s career with particular attention.

His mother’s goddaughter is now in the WNBA, and he couldn’t miss such an event.

He was therefore able to chat with her before the big moment.

Stephen Curry is on the verge of one of the most important matches of his long career.

Indeed, if his Warriors lose in the Play-in against the Kings and are already eliminated from the title race, then it will officially be the end of the dynasty.

Klay Thompson arriving at the end of his contract, the managers could well let him leave to start a new project

The Chief must therefore be in a state of absolute concentration to avoid such a cruel and disappointing end.

When we remember his first round against Sacramento last year, there are still reasons for hope for the fans.

Especially since he must be particularly happy at the moment, since his clan has just received excellent news.

Stephen Curry all the way behind Cameron Brink

Indeed, the goddaughter of her mother Cameron Brink has just been selected second in the WNBA Draft.

And she won’t be far from him, since she will be working in Los Angeles for the years to come.

Before this big moment, she spoke about her mentor on ESPN , and she clearly does not have the same relationship with the entire Curry family:

It is really funny. Before arriving here, I FaceTimed Steph, I was with my mother and Sonya, his mother, and he told me lots of words of encouragement, he was laughing with me, and then we tried to do the same with Seth…

He immediately hung up on me. I love Seth, he’s just like that. I love them both so much, they mean everything to me. They lived this moment.

The Curry family had quite different reactions to Cameron Brink’s Draft.

Sonya, his godmother, was sitting at her table in the room, to be as close as possible, while Seth obviously didn’t care, he was already enjoying his vacation.

As for Steph, he had the Sparks star on the phone, before sitting in front of the TV to follow it all with passion.

Stephen Curry marched on California for years with the Warriors, he hopes Cameron Brink walks on the WNBA with the Spark.

This Monday, he was fully into the Draft to find out where it would land .

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