NBA – Barely registered for the Draft, a nugget flirts with the Spurs: “Playing with Wemby would be crazy! »

San Antonio Spurs French NBA player Victor Wembanyama (left) and top NCAA prospect Rob Dillingham (right)
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Still last in the Western Conference, the Spurs (20-59) should therefore inherit a nice Draft choice in the coming weeks.

This has not escaped one of the top NCAA prospects, who already openly imagines teaming up with Victor Wembanyama.

Their form may have been interesting recently, but for the moment it remains insufficient to leave the depths of the ranking in the West.

15th and last in their conference, the Spurs (20-59) remain able to overtake the Blazers (21-58).

Regardless, they will undoubtedly receive a high-ranking pick for the next Draft, during which they will represent a popular destination for the best prospects of the 2024 vintage.

Projected Top 5 Draft, Rob Dillingham flirts with Spurs and Wemby

While the traditional Lottery determining the order of selection for the Draft will only take place within a month, eligible talents are already starting to announce their registration.

This has particularly been the case in recent hours for Rob Dillingham, the new jewel from Kentucky projected in the Top 5 by the experts.

It also seems that the latter already knows where he wants to land on June 26:

Rob Dillingham liked the montage where he appears with a Spurs jersey OMGGGGG

A gesture which obviously did not go unnoticed on the web and which the American guard completed with a clear declaration on the set of NBA Today :

Rob Dillingham: Playing with Wemby would be crazy! There’s nothing he can’t do. When he has the ball in his hands, two opponents must be on him. So playing on this team and under Gregg Popovich would be awesome. (…)

I followed what Victor did and before the season people were saying it was going to be tough for him, but he played amazing. He can literally do anything.

Suffice it to say that Dillingham would not shy away from an arrival in San Antonio this summer to accompany Victor Wembanyama, whom he seems to admire to the highest degree.

And there is no doubt that his great talent would not harm the supporting cast from the French interior:

After formalizing his registration for the Draft this Tuesday, Rob Dillingham was quick to send strong signals to Spurs.

His desire to be selected by the Texan franchise and to play there with Victor Wembanyama now seems very clear.

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