NBA – Before the play-in, the crazy proposition made to the Lakers: “They should…

NBA superstars from the Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis and LeBron James, with bad-day looks

The Lakers will face the Pelicans this week for the play-in, with the possibility of reaching the playoffs.

But for an analyst, this is a match that must not be won.

Thanks to good results in recent weeks, the Lakers have the possibility of reaching the playoffs this week with a victory over the Pelicans.

It won’t be easy at all given the stakes, but we imagine that LeBron James and his partners will be motivated for the occasion.

But should we really hope for such a scenario? Not for everybody.

And for good reason, the winner of this match will have the right to challenge the…

Nuggets in the first round of the playoffs. Anything but a gift in reality, especially when we know that Nikola Jokic’s partners passed LeBron James 4-0 last year.

But for other fans, we imagine this is the perfect opportunity to take revenge.

The Lakers ready to lose… on purpose?

However, we imagine that the NBA would not be really happy and yet, certain franchises did not hesitate to voluntarily lose this Sunday.

We can think of the Bucks for example, who did not necessarily want to finish second in the East and face the winner between the Heat and the 76ers this week.

For Mike Greenberg, the Lakers must therefore do the same thing.

Mike Greenberg : “I know it’s controversial. The Lakers should not play tomorrow, they must rest LeBron James and Anthony Davis. They don’t want to finish in 7th place, you want to be 8th.

I’m taking my chance at just one game at home against the Kings or Warriors and to face the young Thunder players in the first round rather than the Nuggets. »

“I think it’s worth the risk.” I recognize that it is dangerous.

But you have to weigh the risk and reward.

Should we take the risk of avoiding Denver?

This is the only team the Lakers have no chance of beating, and who already knows?

LeBron James. They went 0-4 last year. »

It is unlikely that the Angelinos will decide not to do everything to win this Tuesday, but it must be recognized that facing Denver in the first round will be a relatively difficult mission.

However, 39 years old or not, the King is not one to turn down a challenge.

Should the Lakers lose to the Pelicans on purpose?

Yes for this analyst, who says that the Angelinos have no chance against the Nuggets for the first round of the playoffs.

It promises a spicy debate.

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