NBA – Big opportunity for Victor Wembanyama: “He will lead the league in scoring when…

Victor Wembanyama at press conference for Spurs

For his rookie campaign, Victor Wembanyama is already panicking the counters on the Spurs side.

Fans are convinced by the player, who could lead the NBA in scoring very soon. But on one condition for this journalist.

With 3.5 blocks on average, Victor Wembanyama already leads the NBA in a major statistic.

A great feat for the Frenchman, who will be crowned rookie of the year in a few weeks, while he should obtain a good place for defender of the year.

The fact is that Victor impresses observers, even if there are always things to improve.

Another big gap in Wembanyama’s game?

In recent months, a trend has emerged for journalists and former players: Wembanyama must improve in scoring.

In addition to a certain clumsiness when shooting, the Frenchman must find a move that he can master to reach the free throw line more often.

For journalist Noah Magaro-George, this is the key for the person concerned.

Wembanyama is going to lead the NBA in scoring once he learns to live at the free throw line in a few years.

Incredible that he doesn’t yet have a favorite move… and to think that this is the worst Victor we’ll see…

Nothing unusual for a rookie, but it is clear that Wembanyama will have work this summer.

His defense already seems to be at an exemplary level, which is not yet the case for his offensive game. He knows what he will have to work on during this long break ahead.

This last sentence is hard to believe.

He’s already incredibly good, while this is the worst version of him.

He must learn this fadeaway when turning around. Literally unstoppable.

Victor Wembanyama has work to do this summer if he wants to become unstoppable, especially with his offensive game.

We imagine that the Frenchman already has some ideas, and this is not good news at all for the competition.

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