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Bronny James

While the Combine has just ended, Bronny James continues to capture the attention of all followers.

While the draft of the young prospect seemed compromised a few weeks ago, new information was recently provided.

Following his cardiac arrest, Bronny James was able to show self-sacrifice to be back on the court and at the same time make his big university debut with the USC Trojans.

It is this same determination that also pushed him to declare for the 2024 Draft despite a fairly complicated first NCAA season at the individual level. Thus, eyes are focused more on the prospect.

In addition to the media pressure to which the latter is exposed, he must also thwart the predictions.

Because once announced in the first round of the Draft, the leader saw himself tumble in the Draft mocks and then left completely.

However, during his few sessions at the Draft Combine, he demonstrated some very good things that could possibly make some franchises think.

Several franchises interested in Bronny James?

While his potential remains interesting, the main reason Bronny is getting so much attention is because he is the son of LeBron James .

Such blood ties bring demands that may seem unfair but also certain significant advantages.

Despite the words of the Lakers superstar , this could well become a means for the hope to integrate the league according to Fadeaway World .

Several franchises want to possibly select Bronny James in the first round of the draft.

The Lakers are one of the teams that would consider taking Bronny, but in the second round.

They hope that LeBron will extend his contract with them, thus ensuring his presence in Los Angeles for the near future.

However, other teams, like the Dallas Mavericks, are also in the running, and reports suggest they could draft Bronny in order to attract LeBron to their ranks.

A few days ago, the 19-year-old made it known that he would like to be judged on his merits from a sporting point of view and that we no longer see him simply as the son of the four-time MVP.

But it is clear that the management of the different teams did not really keep his words strictly.

At the microphone of Dan Woike of the Los Angeles Times , an anonymous executive even went even further about it:

If you’re a title contender and you’re not having those conversations (regarding Bronny and LeBron James), it’s irresponsible.

The interest in drafting Bronny would therefore essentially lie in his market value according to several teams.

They hope to have LeBron in their squad, since he is at the end of his contract and his additional year with the Lakers has not yet been activated.

As the Draft approaches, discussions intensify about Bronny James. According to recent information, several teams including the Lakers or the Mavericks would be inclined to recruit young talent in order to convince LeBron James to play in their franchise next year.

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