NBA – Darvin Ham fired, the crazy hypothesis involving LeBron at the Lakers: “He just has to…

Los Angeles Lakers NBA coach Darvin Ham (left) and franchise star LeBron James (right)

Darvin Ham fired from his coaching position a few days ago, the Lakers are conducting an active search to find his successor.

In this context, a coach formerly with the franchise suggested a very surprising alternative involving LeBron James.

Following the recent elimination of the Lakers in the first round of the playoffs, the management of the franchise was quick to fire Darvin Ham.

It must be said that the latter has been the subject of numerous criticisms over its 2 years of service.

His decision-making during the match and his systems have often been singled out, so much so that we could see LeBron James stealing his role during the season:

The crazy plan to replace Darvin Ham in LeBron’s Lakers

To this day, the Lakers are still looking for their future coach. For this team which has won so much in the past, glory must be regained as quickly as possible.

To do this, Byron Scott, LA player for 10 seasons but also coach of the franchise between 2014 and 2016, wanted to give some advice to the management on the set of UNDISPUTED .

And for him, the solution would already be found within the team:

As for my opinion on the Lakers, LeBron James just needs to become their coach. I have a lot of love and respect for LeBron, I think he is the best player in the history of this sport.

But… It seems obvious to me that he makes a lot of decisions regarding what happens in his organization, whether as a player or even as a coach.

We must therefore allow him to sit on the bench and make decisions as head coach.

I’ve heard several names thrown around for this position, but there’s no doubt that it has to be someone LeBron James gets along well with.

The last name I heard was JJ Redick. They have a podcast together, they are already good friends and his name is now on the list.

But from my point of view, the only person LeBron can completely trust is himself. Since he makes all the decisions anyway, why not offer him the job?

It is true that the Chosen One has long had a reputation for pulling the strings in the teams where he plays.

On the other hand, it seems difficult to imagine that the Lakers will end up making him a player-coach, as Bill Russell once was.

What if LeBron James finally became the coach of the Lakers to replace Darvin Ham?

At least that’s what Byron Scott suggested. Not sure, however, that he is interested in this role, or even that management will consider this option.

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